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Based on 58 reviews
  • I drove 45 minutes to purchase a new Dewalt saw the owner agreed to sell me via Facebook Marketplace. I get to the store and he tells me he must’ve sold it or it was misplaced. Bad business, buyer beware.

    Cody Cohoon 6 months ago
  • Sammy was helpful, knowledgable and all around fantastic. Highly recommend this shop for cellular needs, they have great prices and great customer service. I will be coming back for any future needs. Give it a chance next time you are looking for an upgrade or repair.

    Ben w a year ago
  • i just got a new ipad and he put on the screen protector and a case that i didnt even buy from him when all the other phone stores tried to charge me $30 he did it for free i will be going back to him he has all the new phones and ipads and everything else he has all the phone cases and airpod cases and ipad cases and apple watch cases i will be returning for sure

    Dylan Casteel 8 months ago
  • I had a pretty busted up iPhone 6s to sell. I called the store and told him the screen was busted but still worked fine. He gave me a good offer for it so I went in. I didn’t even know the battery needed replacing until I got there and he told me that. Even though they usually deduct the battery cost from what they buy used phones for this man kept his word and still bought my phone for what he said on the phone. Just goes to show you how much he cares. I’ll definitely be back for when I break a screen or need to sell a phone again. Super nice guy

    Dana Kelley 2 years ago
  • Went there to sell a iPhone 6s, I wasn’t expecting to walk out of there with $200 but the customer service I received was far from Pleasant the two Indian men looked like they did not even want to be bothered with speaking with me and kept trying to downsize my phone as if he was extremely damaged. The phone had zero scratches and had one small chip at the right corner of the screen but other than that was in perfect condition they tried to only give me $30 for it then five seconds later the other Indian man walked up to me and said $20. When I questioned him on why he dropped it down ten dollars after someone else already quoted me a different price he made up some lie saying that he is new and the screen is cracked which was not the screen was not even shattered . I politely took my business elsewhere because I’m not going to be scammed especially when they’re going to simply resale the phone for 150+ . Went down the street to upward mobile and they gave me $90 for my phone. I can clearly tell what type of business they are running yes they fix and sell phones but they are the type of people that will sell a refurbished phone at max price and only want to pay you the bare minimum for your own phone....they also sell phone cases which you can easily purchase online for 3 bucks and they are charging $15+ I have seen the same exact packaging at dollar tree stores for those phone cases.

    Ashley Green 5 years ago